How to Convert SACD ISO to PCM FLAC For Free

SACDs, remember them? Well if you didn’t, you actually did not miss much. It was a format that was supposed to surpass CD’s, but due to various factors, it did not succeed. There are still some various places that still produce SACDs, even with only one plant in the entire world manufacturing the discs. But nowadays, CDs and back to Vinyl is way more popular to make (and for some [ . . . ]

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How To Convert PCM to DSD For Free

As a premium music collector, you might have many different audio formats in your collection: FLAC, WAV, DSF, DFF, ALAC, AIFF, and maybe even lossy AAC and MP3 (shudder). You might want to convert some of your files, either for certain devices with restrictions, or want to see if converting might make your music sound “better”. Maybe converting your PCM (WAV, FLAC, etc) music to DSD might improve it, or [ . . . ]

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Why Is Ripping Blu-Ray Audio So Friggin’ Hard?

For those who like having a collection of their music all in your computer, ready for play on either your portable player or home theater setup, ripping your collection of CDs is fairly easy. Just pop it in to your CD drive, choose a ripping program (like Exact Audio Copy, and voila! you have your music ripped perfectly (into FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, or in another lossless format). This is [ . . . ]

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Hi-Res Audio 101: TL;DR Edition

Two weeks ago, after I posted an article on my purchase of the NuPrime uDSD DAC I cross-posted onto my personal Facebook page, and a good friend of mine basically replied that he did not understand half of the terms I described in the article, but was glad I was happy to get an upgrade. That being said I wondered if there are those possible browsing here that knows anime [ . . . ]