Winter Joy new package

Small Hi-Res Audio Company, Great Customer Service

Hi-Res Portable Player on a Budget? Back in November 2015, I was in the market to buy a Hi-Res audio player. But I did not want to spend over $200.00 just for another device I would have to carry around and worry about damage or theft. I wanted something that was both affordable, easily transportable, and able to play Hi-Res audio. My options were either: get a cheap mp3 player [ . . . ]

Monoprice Subwoofer Winter

An (Affordable) Upgrade: Monoprice 8in Subwoofer

I finally got a better subwoofer for my 2.1 living room system: the Monoprice 8in Powered Subwoofer. Before that, I was using a cheap subwoofer that was part of a computer sound system that I just had lying around. I placed priority on my bedroom setup, but nothing on my living room deal. Having a new apartment with a bigger living room, I wanted something that would make my viewing [ . . . ]

Gaia Point

Balancing Money for Your Hobbies

Some of you who are Anime and/or Video Game fans might be also audiophiles, or at least want better equipment to enjoy your shows and games. Maybe you have browsed audiophile sites and maybe lurked at some forums and got super jealous at others’ fancy and pricey equipment. You also may have noticed that the price of equipment is rather high, and certainly out of most of your budget ranges [ . . . ]

Gaia and the Chromecast Audio

Chromecast Audio: An Affordable Sound Upgrade

I mentioned on a previous post about buying a Chromecast Audio unit. Well, after a couple of weeks testing at my living room at my new apartment, I am quite enjoying my hi-res streaming on my system! And it took only $35.00 USD to do it. Small, easy to hide, and only needs to get plugged in a power jack and an audio jack, you can easy stream your music [ . . . ]

iphone7 Gaia no audio

Apple and Its Divorce of the Headphone Jack

As you may already know about the reveal of Apple’s iPhone 7, many are talking about one ambitious move Apple did for their new flagship smartphone: They removed the standard 3.5mm audio jack. Even after Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak publically told them that it was a bad idea to take out the audio port, Apple still went ahead and removed it. Yes, a feature that has been an absolute essential [ . . . ]

Gaia and my old Sharp LCD

My TV Died

Ahh, today my TV just died. 10 years going strong, then the screen would just turn black, and the power button blinks every second. I try to stay calm, maybe the connections are a bit loose, maybe the power cord need to be re-inserted. Still the screen is turning black. I start to get agitated, look up my TV online and see if others had the same issue. Googled and [ . . . ]

Raquelle on Stairs

Listening to Music on the GO

Despite wanting to stay inside as much as possible under your cozy blanket, right in the sanctuary called your room, there are times when you must go outside the the real world and enjoy your portable music. Many of you had a very good reason to go outside more often than usual: Pokemon GO just came out! Collecting all the Pokemon by catching them sort of in the real world, and [ . . . ]

Raquelle and Argy with 4K

Sony and Microsoft 4K Console Hype

One of the biggest events in the Video Game industry has descended for our hungry eyes to see: the E3 2016 Convention. Of course, many industry insiders got to demo the latest games (and some sneaky people who somehow got a badge to get in, you lucky basterds). The Powerhouses Most importantly, there was an announcement from two of the biggest players in gaming: Sony’s Playstation 4 ‘Neo’ and Microsoft’s Project [ . . . ]

Winter, Reqq, Schiit Asgard 2

An Equipment Upgrade! Schiit Asgard 2 Amplifier

In my previous article about the NuPrime uDSD, I mentioned that I paired it with the M-Audio ProFire 610 interface I had on hand. Not happy with the sound from that unit, I wanted a more dedicated and proper amplifier for my music enjoyment. I needed something that sounded incredible while being affordable, with a budget of less than $300.00. After days of research, and reading a myriad of other [ . . . ]

Handful of Limited-edition Hi-Res Audio Players

Limited-Edition Hi-Res Audio Players

For many if us, limited editions are a nice but an expensive treat to own [and for bragging rights for some of you ;)]. A limited edition PS4 or XboxOne, first-run video games with an art book, music CD, and possibly a character figure, or an exclusive t-shirt are some examples of items you may have seen online or standing proudly at your local convention’s exhibit hall. You may decide [ . . . ]

Winter Indecision

Hi-Res Starter Equipment for Your Audio Upgrade

Ahh, the holidays are coming on us, and instead of going to too much parties, you would want to stay home to watch Anime, have a Netflix marathon, play all those games you bought and had never time to play because work/school, listen to all your music albums, or whatever you like doing on the holidays. The previous week I mentioned on recommendations for starter equipment you will need. Well, [ . . . ]

Winter and Computer Frustrations

The Price of Either Fixing Up or Building A New Computer

How many people out there still likes to build their own personal desktop computer? How many would rather buy a pre-build desktop computer? For me, I like the enjoyment of going to the shop and building my own personal computer. I have already been through three personal computers that I built and while I could of purchased a shop build PC, there wasn’t the satisfaction of being able to do [ . . . ]

Massdrop Deals

Featured Store: Massdrop

There has been a site that has been getting some internet attention lately, and that site is Massdrop. Massdrop is a place where you are able to buy computer and other electronic items for cheaper than the price you were to pay for new. It works based on if there are more people willing to buy the product, the price goes down, essentially knocking the price to a bulk rate [ . . . ]

Chromecast Audio

Google Chromecast 2 Announced!

Google just announced their 2nd generation of the Chromecast, and I for one am thrilled for it! Although I did not buy the 1st generation of Chromcast, I am really excited about it, especially since they have an audio version of Chromecast too! So far it looks like it will run on the 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless, and will natively support 24-bit, 96kHz playback, but with up to 5GHz for wifi, [ . . . ]

Gaia and the NuPrime uDSD

An Equipment Upgrade! NuPrime uDSD

Recently I have upgraded my listening equipment with the new NuPrime uDSD portable DAC, the little unit Gaia is holding. Capable of up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD 256 (11.2MHz) support, this little unit has the ability to play all the current highest-end music available for purchase and download. It came with the uDSD unit, a USB cable, and instruction/disclaimer/company background booklet, in a small, discreet box. Has a volume [ . . . ]