8bit Music Power Gaia Annoyed

Don’t Limit How Your Album is Released!

In October 2015, there was an announcement of a new Famicom/NES cartridge album coming out, called 8bit Music Power. A new NES game, in 2015? Well it is not a game, but rather an album of chiptune songs. The album is apparently going to be release only for the Famicom system (not compatible with a NES, but they might make an NES version of demand is high enough), so if [ . . . ]

Gaia listening to Hi-Res Music

Hi-Res Music: How to Listen and Love Your Audio

Now, some of you reading this may have or have not bought yet Anime and Video Game Hi-Res Music albums. Maybe you are wondering if your listening setup is ready for Hi-Res Music, ones where the sound quality hitting your ears are better than playing back mp3s or from iTunes. Well, here is a basic guide on how to listen to your music. Common components that playback music, such as [ . . . ]

Gaia Fixing AnimeHdAudioList

Major AnimeHDAudio Update

In a previous article where I lamented on region-lock, I have just done something to change that. Over the past few days, I have made a major change at the other site, AnimeHDAudioList.info. I found a way to buy albums that had the “Japan-Only” tags to them. This update is such a relief to myself and possibly the lurkers that wanted those albums but had no easy way to purchase [ . . . ]

Most Important in Hi-Res Audio

The Most Important Part in Hi-Res Audio Listening

For those that know what it takes to have the ultimate audio (and video) setup for their experience, much time, money, research, and fine-tuning is done to have the system that they are happy with and wholeheartedly enjoying. For those that are new to making their best setup, there are basic things that one would need to start: Speakers/Headphones DAC (Digital Audio Converters) & Amplifier(s) Source Media (IE a computer [ . . . ]

Digital or Physical!? Weight is a Consideration

Digital or Physical Media?

Ahh, it has been officially one week since I moved in to my new apartment, and of course there is the problem of unpacking. I also started my new job this week, so my time to unpack has been rather slim. I noticed that many of my items that I packed were Audio CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Video Games (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita, Wii, DS, and others) outside [ . . . ]

Gaia and the Simple Audio Setup

Road Trip and Audio Listening

The featured image has the simplistic audio set-up I used to play music through my rent-a-car for my road trip. This one is a very basic set-up, which is my Sony Xperia Z3V phone connected to a male-to-male 3.5mm cord, then the other end attached to an audio jack in the car. The audio then plays out of the car’s audio system. This is for my current road trip from [ . . . ]

Gaia Lamenting HiResAudio.jp

One Hi-Res Store Bites The Dust

Over the week, one of the Japanese Hi-Res stores I rarely frequent, Highresaudio.jp, had a new notice that popped up: They would no longer be selling Hi-Res files starting July 1st, although anyone who purchased before that date can still download their files. What does this mean? Are they going out of business, or are they only going to sell mp3s? Is there any other information as to why they [ . . . ]

Reqq Explaining to Gaia

Hi-Res Audio 101: TL;DR Edition

Two weeks ago, after I posted an article on my purchase of the NuPrime uDSD DAC I cross-posted onto my personal Facebook page, and a good friend of mine basically replied that he did not understand half of the terms I described in the article, but was glad I was happy to get an upgrade. That being said I wondered if there are those possible browsing here that knows anime [ . . . ]

Gaia Should Have Waited

A Better Version is Available!?!?

Your favorite TV series out on DVD, coming out on Blu-Ray 6 months later. The S/G/Z/Plus version of your favorite phone. Re-issue of a Disney or Star Wars Original Trilogy from VHS to DVD, then to Blu-Ray. Many have had to agonize over having to buy again media/a work of art simply because the newer one is clearer, has more features, better battery life, looks or sound better. You will [ . . . ]

Reqq pressured at a Convention

A Long Exhausting Weekend at a Trade Show

The last weekend, I was working at an audio trade show called T.H.E. Show Newport Beach. I have never been to this particular audiophile show, having only experience at a smaller venue called The California Audio Show, and this year I only went because there was budget enough to run a merchandise booth. I wish I could say that I enjoyed the weekend and took a lot of pictures, but [ . . . ]

Gaia Will Explain Hi-Res Audio

Joys of Explaining Hi-Res Audio

Sorry for the slight late post, as this weekend I was my cousin’s graduation from pharmacy school, where I ventured down to Loma Linda, California to attend the graduation ceremony. Many have asked on what I am working in lately, and I tried explaining what it is I do, which took some effort. The majority of my family work in the medical field and have not even heard of Hi-Res [ . . . ]

Gaia Shocked to Find BOOTH

The Beauty of Self-Publishing Music Sites

Today I discovered another self-publishing site for your music: Booth.pm. A sister site to the popular art platform social site Pixiv, this site you can sell albums, manga, cosplay items, illustrations, and other goods that I am still discovering! I was just excited to find Vocaloid, Touhou Project, and other doujin/fanmade albums available for purchase. Although from what I have seen in my preliminary findings is that artists upload usually [ . . . ]

Gaia Can't Buy Albums

The Dread of Region-Lock

Ahh, as many of you have seen on my other site, AnimeHDAudioList.info, as well as on the old version of ASoundUpgrade.com, there has been many albums given the tag you don’t want to see: JAPAN-ONLY. Unless you have a Japanese credit card, have a friend willing to buy for you, or found a way to circumvent that, you and I are not likely to be able to purchase those albums [ . . . ]

Gaia Sound Blaster

A Case For Hi-Res Audio

I have mp3s, ever since the days of Napster, and when I was learning about computers in high-school (currently am 31 as of this writing). I listen extensively to my songs, and still do when I am auditioning from a countless list of anime, video game, vocaloid, pop, rock, classical, the list goes on and on. Mp3’s, aac, ogg, and other lossy music are small, quick to download, and easy [ . . . ]