MYTH & ROID - eYe's


For this You Might Like This Album, here is the very first album from MYTH & ROID. If you have watched Overlord or Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, or even more obscure anime such as Bubuki/Buranki (BBK/BRNK) or Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil), then you will have heard them. Consisting of vocalist Mayu and producer Tom-H@ck (who has songwriting credits for many K-ON! and Sword Art [ . . . ]

Winter Joy new package

Small Hi-Res Audio Company, Great Customer Service

Hi-Res Portable Player on a Budget? Back in November 2015, I was in the market to buy a Hi-Res audio player. But I did not want to spend over $200.00 just for another device I would have to carry around and worry about damage or theft. I wanted something that was both affordable, easily transportable, and able to play Hi-Res audio. My options were either: get a cheap mp3 player [ . . . ]