Winter, Reqq, Schiit Asgard 2

An Equipment Upgrade! Schiit Asgard 2 Amplifier

In my previous article about the NuPrime uDSD, I mentioned that I paired it with the M-Audio ProFire 610 interface I had on hand. Not happy with the sound from that unit, I wanted a more dedicated and proper amplifier for my music enjoyment. I needed something that sounded incredible while being affordable, with a budget of less than $300.00. After days of research, and reading a myriad of other [ . . . ]

Tales of Orchestra Concert Album cover image

YMLTA: Tales of Orchestra Concert Album

Video game melodies performed by a professional orchestra? Yes, they do exist, and it is as grand as you think. Ahh to hear more video game melodies done in the classiest way: with a full orchestra! Grand and beautiful, and with nostalgia to boot! And for this article on You May Like This Album I present: Tales of Orchestra Concert Album: Orchestra Music from Video Games? Many video game music [ . . . ]

Best Free Music Player for Windows and MAC

Your vast collection of music, whether you bought physical CDs or Digital Downloads (heck even ripped from Vinyl) is now sitting across your hard drives in your computer. You want to play them back, but depending on the source resolution, built-in standard music players like iTunes or Windows Media Player might not cut it. Instead of playing your different format files (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSF, DFF, WV, APE, MP3, [ . . . ]

Gaia Enjoying an Addictive Song

That Song (Earworm) Is Still Stuck in My Head!

Have you ever watched an Anime series (or played a game and watched the intro) and after the opening song played, you found in your head it was stuck on repeat? Was there an ending song that just touched you emotionally that you had to hear it again and again? Did you go out of your way to just find that song online or paid the extra cash just to [ . . . ]

Gaia at Miku Expo in Seattle

Go and Experience a Vocaloid Concert!

As I have mentioned on last week’s article, I went to see my second Vocaloid concert, MikuExpo and although I had some doubts on going, I went and have to say I had a blast! So for those who haven’t gone to a Vocaloid concert before, try one out (especially the official concerts)! What is Vocaloid? For those not familiar with Vocaloid, it is a software and “synth” that emulates [ . . . ]