Winter, Gaia, Argy, Reqq performing

And All That Jazz in Anime!

When it comes to anime and their respective soundtracks, you might not think of Jazz as the go-to style of choice. Indeed, it is not a popular genre to pick (it was actually never mainstream popular even in the history of the United States), even for soundtrack usage, but when used well it can transform the mood of a show to a very sophisticated and fun adventure! Here are a [ . . . ]

Handful of Limited-edition Hi-Res Audio Players

Limited-Edition Hi-Res Audio Players

For many if us, limited editions are a nice but an expensive treat to own [and for bragging rights for some of you ;)]. A limited edition PS4 or XboxOne, first-run video games with an art book, music CD, and possibly a character figure, or an exclusive t-shirt are some examples of items you may have seen online or standing proudly at your local convention’s exhibit hall. You may decide [ . . . ]

Gaia and Cds from Diverse System

Respect for Diverse System

On a previous post, I mentioned about self-hosting sites for musicians and artists, and there is one in particular one that comes to mind, especially if you are into Japanese Doujin (fanmade) music. For those who keep up with those groups you might have heard of a circle called Diverse System. Active since around 2000, they have released a myriad of albums, featuring original works as well as remixes from [ . . . ]