8bit Music Power Gaia Annoyed

Don’t Limit How Your Album is Released!

In October 2015, there was an announcement of a new Famicom/NES cartridge album coming out, called 8bit Music Power. A new NES game, in 2015? Well it is not a game, but rather an album of chiptune songs. The album is apparently going to be release only for the Famicom system (not compatible with a NES, but they might make an NES version of demand is high enough), so if [ . . . ]

Xenoblade Chronicles X OST

YMLTA: Xenoblade Chronicles X Original Soundtrack

With the upcoming English release of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Nintendo Wii U, I would like to showcase and present the complete original soundtrack for the game, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. Known for his dramatic soundtracks which utilize electronica, rock, and orchestra to blend into his own unique style, this album is his first major video game soundtrack after doing famous Japanese Drama soundtracks and anime soundtracks. This 4-disc [ . . . ]

Final Fantasy VII Cloud's back

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Let the Upgrade Commence

In the past few days, a gameplay trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake has surfaced, featuring scenes and gameplay of the Bombing Mission event. While this game is not the number one Final Fantasy game I wanted remade (I really wanted a modern version of Final Fantasy VI), but due to its popularity, part VII is being made. Overall, while the graphics are being praised among numerous fans, [ . . . ]