Winter Indecision

Hi-Res Starter Equipment for Your Audio Upgrade

Ahh, the holidays are coming on us, and instead of going to too much parties, you would want to stay home to watch Anime, have a Netflix marathon, play all those games you bought and had never time to play because work/school, listen to all your music albums, or whatever you like doing on the holidays. The previous week I mentioned on recommendations for starter equipment you will need. Well, [ . . . ]

Gaia listening to Hi-Res Music

Hi-Res Music: How to Listen and Love Your Audio

Now, some of you reading this may have or have not bought yet Anime and Video Game Hi-Res Music albums. Maybe you are wondering if your listening setup is ready for Hi-Res Music, ones where the sound quality hitting your ears are better than playing back mp3s or from iTunes. Well, here is a basic guide on how to listen to your music. Common components that playback music, such as [ . . . ]

nano - nanoir

YMLTA: nano – nanoir

Here is the second of the series “You May Like This Album” now with our second choice: nanoir by former Utaite Japanese and English singer nano. This album is her first major release album, which consists of re-arrangements of songs originally done with Vocaloids. Some of these songs are sung partially or fully in English, as nano was raised in New York City before debuting in Japan. Here is an [ . . . ]

Lily Figure from Aki-con

Cost-to-Benefit Purchasing

This past weekend, I went a small anime convention that I have never been to before, at the insistence of a friend who just moved to the Seattle area around a year ago. Being new to the area, I figured “Why not?” and went with him for one day at Aki-Con. To start off, I knew that this was going to be a small convention, and was not expecting much. [ . . . ]