Gaia Fixing AnimeHdAudioList

Major AnimeHDAudio Update

In a previous article where I lamented on region-lock, I have just done something to change that. Over the past few days, I have made a major change at the other site, I found a way to buy albums that had the “Japan-Only” tags to them. This update is such a relief to myself and possibly the lurkers that wanted those albums but had no easy way to purchase [ . . . ]

Winter and Computer Frustrations

The Price of Either Fixing Up or Building A New Computer

How many people out there still likes to build their own personal desktop computer? How many would rather buy a pre-build desktop computer? For me, I like the enjoyment of going to the shop and building my own personal computer. I have already been through three personal computers that I built and while I could of purchased a shop build PC, there wasn’t the satisfaction of being able to do [ . . . ]

Ai Otsuka Love Tricky

YMLTA: Ai Otsuka – Love Tricky

Here is the first type of article I would like to call “You May Like This Album” which is a series of music albums that I like and bought in Hi-Res (or at least in CD-Resolution downloads or on Physical CDs) and would like to recommend. Let’s start this article series with the 2015 album Love Tricky by Ai Otsuka, which is her seventh studio album, second album after her [ . . . ]

Most Important in Hi-Res Audio

The Most Important Part in Hi-Res Audio Listening

For those that know what it takes to have the ultimate audio (and video) setup for their experience, much time, money, research, and fine-tuning is done to have the system that they are happy with and wholeheartedly enjoying. For those that are new to making their best setup, there are basic things that one would need to start: Speakers/Headphones DAC (Digital Audio Converters) & Amplifier(s) Source Media (IE a computer [ . . . ]

Massdrop Deals

Featured Store: Massdrop

There has been a site that has been getting some internet attention lately, and that site is Massdrop. Massdrop is a place where you are able to buy computer and other electronic items for cheaper than the price you were to pay for new. It works based on if there are more people willing to buy the product, the price goes down, essentially knocking the price to a bulk rate [ . . . ]

Renton Room

Private Space Again!

As of this writing, it has been officially two weeks living at my new apartment in Renton, WA. Gaia is here presenting¬†my room setup: simple, quaint, and not much frills. I have my computer desk, TV entertainment center with 2.1 speakers with PS3, my bed, my Roland Gaia keyboard, and not much else (yes I have clothes, I’m not just running around as a naked hooligan). I could have shelves [ . . . ]

Chromecast Audio

Google Chromecast 2 Announced!

Google just announced their 2nd generation of the Chromecast, and I for one am thrilled for it! Although I did not buy the 1st generation of Chromcast, I am really excited about it, especially since they have an audio version of Chromecast too! So far it looks like it will run on the 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless, and will natively support 24-bit, 96kHz playback, but with up to 5GHz for wifi, [ . . . ]